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TBN Direct is qualified G7® Master Printer

TBN Direct is qualified G7® Master Printer

TBN Direct is proud to be the first and only printer in Buffalo, NY to officially qualify as a “G7® Master Printer.”

This national recognition requires yearly renewal to demonstrate compliance and conformance to strict technical industry specifications that we have been practicing since 2012.  With our quality assurance procedures our clients can feel confident that our printing will closely simulate our proofs.

GRACoL® stands for the General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography.  GRACoL was created by IDEAlliance which is the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (

GRACoL is a color reproduction specification for sheetfed printing.  The GRACoL color space is defined by 1,617 different combinations of CMYK tint percentages using International Standards Organization (ISO) ink and paper.

GRACoLs’ G7® defines the appearance of a gray scale with tone reproduction and neutrality.  GRACoL’s G7 calibration methodology adjusts computer-to-plate (CtP) curves at the raster image processor (RIP) so a printing press can simulate the G7 grayscale appearance.

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