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Soft Feel

Soft Feel

Looking for a special effect coating to create a printed piece that is unique and different?  TBN Direct has the capability to provide a soft coating that has the touch and feel of suede leather or soft rubber.  While your graphics appeal to the sense of sight, let this unusual coating also appeal to the reader’s  tactile sense.  Soft coating is so different in its feel that it leaves a memorable impression that will distinguish your project and stand out and get notice and saved. 

This soft coating is applied in-line on our KBA press and doesn’t need a separate press pass.  If you want a more extra velvety effect, a second application pass is also available.  Because the soft coating has a matte finish or texture it won’t easily fingerprint when handled, which is an added benefit.

Ask your sales person to see actual production samples so you can experience the “soft” touch and feel yourself.

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